Richmond VA Wedding: Brittany and Casey | Historic Mankin Mansion

I had to good fortune to get to know Brittany my second year at UVa (which is quickly becoming the distant past…) but hadn’t met Casey until their wedding day.  That said, it was immediately clear how much they had in common – both warm, caring people, who love to laugh and apparently agree that rollerblading is still a thing!  ūüôā  It was an honor to help document the two of them tying the knot.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from their wedding – we started the morning at Avenue 42 in downtown Richmond, and moved on to the Historic Mankin Mansion.











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Lauren+Chris | Solomon Island UMC Wedding


Here are a few favorites from Chris and Lauren’s late-June wedding in Solomons, MD. ¬†We all started off the day at Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast, held the ceremony at Solomons United Methodist Church, and kept the celebration going at Lighthouse – with quite possibly the coolest wedding cake ever. ¬†Seriously, you should head¬†past the break and check it out. ¬†It was an entire wedding day within a 5 minute walk! ¬†Enjoy!







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Kate+Josh | Waterfront Backyard Wedding in Southern Maryland


Here are a few of my favorite¬†images from¬†Kate and Josh’s fall wedding at a beautiful waterfront home in Colton’s Point MD. ¬†With¬†a¬†LOTR quote to start things off, fireworks off the dock, amazing music, and ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (no really, it exists and you need to have some) – this was a wedding I’ll never forget, and I’m sure Kate and Josh won’t either.

Bonus: the home is for sale if anyone is interested!  Enjoy!

coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ001 coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ002 coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ003 coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ004 coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ005coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ008coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ013coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ006coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ007coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ009coltons-point-somd-waterfront-wedding-photos-KJ010 Continue reading »

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Katie and Charlie – Taney Place Farm Wedding – Prince Frederick


Katie and Charlie got married while¬†hurricane Joaquin was blowing about in the Caribbean, throwing all sorts of rain and wind at the east coast. ¬†They contemplated¬†a last minute change to a local firehouse but then stuck to their plan of getting married on Charlie’s historic family farm: Taney Place Farm¬†in Prince Frederick. ¬†Wow that place is cool. ¬†I had the opportunity to visit back in June¬†for their engagement session, and hope to soon¬†pick up some of their Battle Creek Beef. ¬†Being on a working farm, celebrating in a barn has never felt so authentic! ¬†The rain held off long enough for us to get some (windy) portraits, and capture all of the country chic details that they had arranged. ¬†Here are a few favorites from their day.

prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC001 prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC002 prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC003 prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC004 prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC006 prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC007prince-frederick-wedding-photographer-taney-place-farm-KC008

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hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography001 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography002 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography003 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography004 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography005 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography006 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography007 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography008 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography009 hawaii-sony-a6000-mirrorless-landscape-photography011 Continue reading »

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Gayle + Erich | Mary’s Hope on Church Cove | Holiday Inn Solomons



Sometimes, no matter how many sun dances you do and prayers you say, it will rain on your wedding day. ¬†It rained on my wedding day, and it rained last Saturday for Gayle and Erich’s lovely wedding at Mary’s Hope on Church Cove. ¬†People were dry at the beginning of the ceremony, and slightly less dry at the end (thank goodness for indoor receptions!) but despite the rain, they ended up married – so mission accomplished!

At one point, Gayle¬†told me a story that I have to share. ¬†Her father passed away when she was 8 years old, ¬†and as we all would, she stashed a box with several mementos away in storage. ¬†When she woke up on her wedding day and realized she didn’t own a button up shirt, a slight panic set in. ¬†(Full disclosure: ¬†I had to research later why a button up shirt was important – and the panic¬†now makes perfect sense). ¬† Then she remembered¬†that one of those old mementos was her Dad’s red and black flannel button up! ¬†Digging it out, Gayle happily wore it throughout the morning as a reminder that her Dad was there with her in spirit. ¬†Along those same lines, her “something blue” was a blue silk tie (also Dad’s) wrapped around her bouquet. ¬†It’s¬†these little things that make every wedding unique, and each a blessing to photograph.

Here are a few of my favorites that tell the story of their day. ¬†For anyone out there worried about it raining on their wedding, just remember – the photos¬†will¬†still be¬†fantastic, and you will still be married! ¬†Enjoy! ¬†ūüôā






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Pacific Northwest Photography | Olympic NP and Crater Lake NP


It’s about time that I posted a few (very belated) travel photos from our adventure to the West (some would say¬†‘best’) coast of the US. ¬†Nina and I hit Washington and Oregon last summer (2014), with stops in Olympic National Park, Crater Lake National Park, and many places¬†in between. ¬†Also had a great time catching¬†up¬†with some friends who had recently moved to the area – huge thanks go to John, Scott, and Jess for their hospitality!





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Meagan + Dan | Solomons Island Wedding | Calvert Marine Museum


Southern Maryland isn’t typically¬†that cold in mid-November, but mother nature¬†made an exception this year. ¬†Meagan and Dan were married on Solomons Island on a frigid but clear fall day. ¬† From the first look at Back Creek Inn, to the wedding ceremony at Our Lady Star of the Sea, and¬†the reception at the brand new event hall at Calvert Marine Museum, family and friends shrugged off the cold and had a great time celebrating with one of the kindest couples I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. ¬†Congratulations and best wishes, Meagan and Dan, here are some of my favorites from your wedding!





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Lindsey and Ben | Yorktown Virginia Freight Shed Wedding



Lindsey and Ben were married last weekend at the Coast Guard Training Center Chapel in Yorktown, VA, and celebrated with a reception at the Freight Shed, just steps from where we took the photo above. ¬† It was¬†an honor to join these long-time friends¬†at their wedding. ¬†If you haven’t seen it¬†before, check out their¬†engagement session in Colonial Williamsburg.

In honor of Veteran’s Day (and every day) thanks, Ben, for your service.

Here are a few favorites from the day:






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Fall Wedding at Lost Creek Vineyard, Leesburg Virginia | Michelle and Brandon


My friends Brandon and Michelle chose (wisely) to get married toward the beginning of October. ¬†I say wisely, because they happened to pick the day before my first anniversary! ¬†All good things apparently happen in October! ¬†Lost Creek was¬†gorgeous –¬†the leaves were just starting to change outside of Leesburg. ¬† There was a¬†campfire and marshmallows out behind the Carriage House, and a large¬†variety¬†of bourbon to go around. ¬†With fire and bourbon handy, no one went cold ūüôā ¬†We took¬†getting ready photos in the Lost Creek Harvest House, then went down to the vineyard for portraits. ¬†Here are a¬†few of my¬†favorites.




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