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Meagan and Dan | Calvert County Engagement Photography


This beautiful and nearly deserted beach, near Meagan’s home in Lusby, holds special meaning.  Dan proposed on this beach over Christmas break, while supposedly hunting for shark teeth (back story to follow).  Despite being “camera shy,” these two are incredibly kind, and they exude happiness and love – both in person and on camera.  I had a wonderful time making these photographs with you guys.  I hope you enjoy them!



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Jones Point Park Engagement Session | Erich and Gayle


Ok, raise your hand if you knew there was an awesome park under the western edge Woodrow Wilson Bridge.  If you’re from Alexandria, you don’t count…  Anyone else?

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Michelle and Brandon | Sotterley Plantation Engagement Photos

Favorite photos from a spring engagement session at the gorgeous grounds of Sotterley Plantation.  The poppies were blooming and wow, poppies and photography just go together well.  Congrats Michelle and Brandon – can’t wait until October!  Such a good month to get married 🙂  -BH










Lindsey and Ben | Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Photography

Lindsey and Ben are two old friends from the church that I grew up in, so I was thrilled to get to catch up with them while exploring the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg.  Lindsey’s family owns and runs a wonderful nursery, so her role was also horticulturist for the day.  Oh and we grabbed a few photos along the way :).  Really looking forward to their wedding in November!  Enjoy!



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Colleen and Justin | Historic St. Mary’s City Engagement Photography

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy one of the last few days of fall color with Colleen and Justin.   St. Mary’s City is just perfect for engagement photos, and the fall color (and their matching plaid shirts!) made it even more so.  Congratulations guys!  Looking forward to your spring wedding at the Inn at Brome Howard!

Hope you all enjoy the photos!




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Capitol Hill Engagement Session | Megan and Steve

I’ve visited DC often over the years and thought I knew the National Mall area pretty well.  But, Megan and Steve introduced me to two gems during our engagement session on Capitol Hill:  first the Summer House with its peaceful grotto, and then the beautiful Bartholdi Fountain!  In between we caught some photos with the Capitol building and some with a silhouette of the always-lovely-even-under-construction Washington Monument.   I had a blast shooting with these two, and it reminded me of how fortunate we are to live near (or in) such a great and historic city.  Congratulations again Megan and Steve!  Here are my favorites…



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Megan and Stuart | A Charlottesville Engagement

UPDATE: Megan and Stuart’s wedding preview is now posted.

Despite the potential for a family feud, Megan (a recent, and incredibly devoted, Virginia Tech grad) and Stuart (a recent UVa grad) decided to have their engagement session in and around Charlottesville.  We got lucky with beautiful early-April weather, took a few photos on Grounds and then headed to Charlottesville’s downtown mall for another round.  Megan’s (and my) friend Heather came along and was a huge help!  I’ve known Megan since, well, since she was born, and all of us hail from the same home town, so this shoot was a heck of a lot of fun.  I’m really looking forward to their wedding in November –  at that point we’ll be newlyweds together 🙂   Here are the highlights…

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Impromptu Engagement Shoot – Washington D.C.

About 9:45pm Sunday night, at the beautiful WWII memorial on the DC mall, Kenneth asked if we wouldn’t mind photographing him and his girlfriend for the next few minutes… you can see for yourself the outcome of the next 3 minutes… 🙂

It’s times like these that really make you love being a photographer.  I was in the right place, at the right time, and happened to have the equipment to do this beautiful moment justice.  Best of luck guys!